Keep Flying

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The website is back and no longer under construction! The process of learning to do this has me seriously nerded out. I mean that in a positive way. So, what does this have to do with today’s photo, you might wonder? Well, all self-respecting nerds have a deep and abiding love for Firefly. All of us. Every last one. No, really.

Firefly was a sci-fi series which managed to achieve perfection in its short life of only 14 episodes. Though few in number, those episodes did capture the attention of a rabid and loyal fan base (I’m speaking of other nerds, not me). Sadly, I came to know Firefly well after it had been cancelled. But I digress.

Those early fans rallied and were part of the driving force behind the subsequent movie, Serenity. However, as with all great movements, there comes a time when the will falters, and people move on. And so it was with Firefly…until the BOARD GAME! Yes, the board game is here, and it is awesome. It is so awesome, in fact, that I felt compelled to submit my photo for the “Wash’s Lucky Dinosaur Card” giveaway.” The devs were kind enough to indeed send me my card, which now resides proudly in my Firefly Board Game box.

So, to sum up my rather rambling story, the website is back up, I’m feeling pretty good about it, and I’d like to share my Firefly fan photo! Keep Flying!