Bugs and Construction

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Bugs and Construction…what do the two have in common?

Well, first, this is a very belated post about Pacific Wildlife Care’s annual meeting, which was…oh…last winter. Yep, very belated. I have to say, I never knew that playing with bugs could be so fun! After the business of the meeting was over, an entomologist spoke with us, and he brought friends! This little guy is a Madagascar Hissing Roach. He actually never hissed, was pretty mellow, and put up with a crowd of people trying to hold and pet him. Awesome!

In a crazy, cosmic turn of events, bugs are also the reason this post is so late. Namely, endless bugginess with my PAID (insult to injury) WordPress theme. With updates coming at the speed of heartburn after a Taco Temple burrito, I found that each new theme version also broke something new. So, I’ve decided to scrap the old theme and go with a different one…which understands nothing of the short codes from the previous template.

This is my long winded way of saying, “THIS SITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION again.” There’s no gallery and only the barest hint to let y’all know what I do here. This will change soon, I promise.